BACM — Calculate BICM Capacity

last update 2013-02-06 — Georg Böcherer, F. Altenbach, A. Alvarado, S. Corroy

The algorithm Bit Alternating Convex-Concave Method (BACM) allows to calculate the Bit-Interleaved Coded-Modulation (BICM) capacity of a discrete memoryless channel that is specified by a matrix Hinmathbb{R}^{ntimes 2^m} of transition probabilities from 2^m channel inputs to n channel outputs.


An Efficient Algorithm to Calculate BICM Capacity

G. Böcherer, F. Altenbach, A. Alvarado, S. Corroy, and R. Mathar, presented at ISIT 2012, Boston.

Downloads — An implementation of BACM in Matlab.